Architecture is a fascinating combination of all we love and know: art, science and social. If it’s done right, architecture is the perfect marriage of the practical and the beautiful.  I like helping people get what they want in a building and delivering it in the time frame and budget they need.  Good design is only one part of that.  The rest is listening carefully to clients, knowing how the building process works, dealing honestly and creatively with zoning and building codes, and coordinating with and managing all the parties to that process to ensure that the client gets the result we’ve envisioned, together.  

On every project, small and large, I am personally involved from concept to completion.  On my own and in partnership with others, I have built an extensive portfolio of award-winning residential and commercial work.  Areas of specialty include:
         –  renovation, expansion and remodeling of existing and historic homes
         –  new home design
         –  senior housing, including senior assisted living and senior communities
         –  multi-family housing
         –  commercial buildings, especially office and retail.

Over the years, I have built an extensive network of terrific professionals who work with me, including developers, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, and contractors.  A great group of associated architects and draftspeople work with me on large projects so that the architectural work moves as swiftly as possible.